October 2021

Another Place For Street Food Lovers in New Town!

https://youtu.be/R5Xsx2y0v6cGood news for Newtowners! Another place of entertainment is being built in the heart of Newtown. Work is underway to beautify the lower part of the flyover in front of the Central Mall. There will be many small shops here. Mostly food shops. Half of the work has been completed, and will be launched soon as it is completed. This New Green Smart City is ours, so it is our...

Project Update! 28 Oct 2021

https://youtu.be/BcSoGhJTqxI Project Update! New Prayag (H.I.G) Brick work started,  Extected Project Completion: July 2022. Project Update! Puber Duar (L.I.G) Columns curing for 1st Floor Slab underway!! Extected Project Completion: December 2022. Project Update! Anandavilla (L.I.G) columns curing for 1st floor Slab underway!! Extected Project Completion: December...

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